The paintings are all A6 to A5 and mixed media on paper or cardboard. Used media: graphite, pencil, gouache, acrylics, pastel, collage, sand.

Some are multi-perspective and can be viewed from more than one perspective.

Horsefigure, 2020/21

Untitled (Red Elephant), 2023

Bound Body (Lotus Feet), 2023

Witchcraft, 2023 

Udder Bird, 2022

Foam, 2022

Untitled, 2022/24

Head & Legs, 2022/24

Cluster, 2022

Bubbles, 2022

Figures & Eyes, 2022

Cows, 2021

Legs, 2021

Hug me, 2021

The Universe, 2021

Frightened, 2021

Untitled (Assembly), 2023, A 4
Graphite, colour pencil, felt pen, pastel, nail polish on paper

Horsewife, 2023, A 4
charcoal on paper

Horsewife, 2023, A4
pencil on paper

Untitled, 2023, A6
pencil and colour pencil, water colour on paper

Petticoat, 2022, A6
pencil and colour pencil, pastel, acrylics on paper

Hutzelweib, 2022, 15x15 cm
pencil and colour pencil, water colour, acrylics on paper