I am a visual artist who makes small, colourful, and surrealistic paintings and soft sculptures, which reflect the view on women and other animals as objects, their equation and treatment, and their relationship. My interest is to make the viewer aware of injustices, constraints, and exploitations in relation to gender and species.

The paintings and objects are parallel expressions for me, but they inspire each other. I stitch and sew the sculptures from used fabric and other materials, which I have at hand, or which come into my possession accidentally. The materials and techniques refer to the feminine tradition and roles, and their disregard in the world of art. The use of cloth, other typically feminine media, the techniques, and the softness reveal and protest the instrumentalization of female bodies in a patriarchal society and the ambivalences and dilemmas of female life. Since the devaluation of women and animals shows itself in spatial restrictions, my works also reflect spatial aspects. Moreover, the works are ambiguous and can reveal a variety in shapes and meaning depending on their or the viewer’s position. 

Originally from the German-Dutch border region, I am living and working in Hamburg (Germany). I hold Master degrees and a PhD in Fine Art, Art History and Philosophy, and further qualifications in Education and Business. My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and is represented in private collections. 


2022 MA Fine Arts (with distinction), University for the Creative Arts, Farnham et al. (UK)
2019 Cert HE Fine Arts, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham et al. (UK)
2014 PGLic Art, Seminar for Waldorf Pedagogy, Hamburg/Kassel (DE)
2011 PhD Art Theory/Philosophy, University of Hamburg (DE)
2002 MA Art History/Philosophy, University of Hamburg (DE)

further education 

2024 PG Personal Practice Course, Contemporary Art Academy, London

2023 - (ongoing) Professional Mentoring Programm 'The Art Ladder', ParkerHarris, London

Certificates from Otis College of Art & Design, Newcastle University, Pennsylvania State University 
Diplom/MBA Cooperative State University, Mannheim (DE)


Art mediator, university lecturer, writer 

selected exhibitions
2024 Crawley Contemporary Summer Exhibition, grp/international
2022 I swear I saw this, UCA, grp/international  

2022 wånder wide web, OCA Europe, grp/international
2021 Contamination/Curation, grp/international, collaborative project (Stuff that spins out of now) 

2021 School of No Consequences. Exercises for a New Life, Museum for Art & Design, Hamburg 

2014 Seminar for Waldorf Pedagogy, Hamburg, grp 

2011 Old Horticultural Office, Jenisch-Park (Bargheer-Museum), Hamburg, grp 

2008 Die Bürger der Großen Bergstraße (The Citizens of the Great Mountain Road), Gallery Kunst|Nah, Hamburg, grp 

2006 – 2014 Studio Exhibitions at Artist‘s Collective Goldbachstraße, Hamburg, solo/grp 

publications/featured work/talks
2022 I swear I saw this, Exhibition Catalogue, University for the Creative Arts/OCA MA Fine Arts Final Show
2022 Wander Wide Web, Exhibition Catalogue (Cushion (Hug me), 2021/22; Leg, 2021)
2022 UCA/OCA Europe Regional Group, Talk on current practice and projects
2022 UCA/OCA Europe Regional Group Newsletter Summer/22
2021 We are OCA (University for the Creative Arts), Stuff that spins out of now
2021 UCA/OCA Europe Regional Group Newsletter 1/21
2020 Edge Zine, Issue no. 9 Inside 

2019 Edge Zine, Issue no. 7 Water 

2015 We are OCA (University for the Creative Arts), Featured work Dead Chickens, 2014


2021-2022 One-year online residency scholarship, OCASA, University for the Creative Arts 

2015 Publication Grant Arts and Humanities, Stury Foundation, Munich
2008 Symposium ‚View and Concept', Warburg House, Hamburg 

Symposium Phenomenological Studies, Meran Academy for German-Italian Studies, Merano/Italy 

Intercultural Artistic Symposium & Exhibition Jakubowo (PL), German-Polish Culture Circle, Kiel-Jakubowo e.V.